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About You

You’re smart. You’re savvy. You’re successful.
And you’re spiritual.

You know the significance of the times we’re living in.

  • The challenges—and the opportunities.

You have a message to share and a
mission so important that it pulls you
forward into your future and your destiny.

You find yourself exhilarated! And also sometimes uncertain and even scared. The potency of what you have come to contribute is palpable, and cannot be denied.

  • At times it wakes you up at night, full of ideas and inspiration!
  • At others it wakes you up at night with questions, doubts, and fears.

What if you were to have support from someone who truly understands the mission you are on and the transformational work that you do.

And who has the experience and know-how to help you make the leap you can see and feel,
and don’t know how to make on your own.

Because yes, you want to make money. Absolutely.

  • You want a lifestyle that feeds rather than drains you.
  • You want enough revenue to be able to invest in your business expanding to meet your vision.
  • And you want to be able to channel resources to projects and people that are creating a better world, and you need funds to be able to do that.

If this is you, then you’re in the right place.

Welcome. I’m Maggie Ostara, and I specialize in
helping people like you.

Why? Because I am like you myself.

For one thing, I too am on a mission.

  • A mission to bring spirituality into business so that commerce can rise to its highest potential in service to the greater good.
  • A mission to help build a new economy with transformational work in the mainstream.
  • A mission to help people like you gain the strategy, resources and guidance you need in order to make your highest, most potent contribution in the service of evolving your world.

Here is something important I’ve learned speaking with many, many people like you:

While you are no doubt exquisitely qualified in the work you are doing, you probably did not get the business training you need to fully make your vision a reality.

This is particularly true if you come out of the healing arts and coaching fields, where most of these schools do not include this type of training. Perhaps you had a day-long or weekend on business, and then they said (in effect) ~ go forth and create a practice!

  • Maybe you’ve done well despite a lack of training, creating a full practice but now you’re hitting a wall in terms of your time, income and impact. Perhaps you’ve heard about leveraging your time and your expertise to make a bigger impact and more income. But you don’t know how to do it. And that is not even something you witness most of your mentors doing.
  • Or maybe you’ve had a practice, you’ve made some money and helped some people, but it’s felt like a struggle more than you would like and you know you could do things more effectively with less effort. You want to make a bigger contribution. But you don’t know how.
  • Or maybe you are just starting out, deeply called in your mission, building on successes you’ve had in other phases of your life, but uncertain about how best to pursue your own transformational business from the get-go. Because you just don’t know.

I get it, I get it, I get it. I really do.

I have been in, and have come through, each of these situations. I’ve made the leap you’re looking for.

Here’s something else I’ve learned:

You simply need business mentoring that
is geared for someone like you.

When I got the coaching I needed and did the work I needed to do (inside and out), I was able to put all of my gifts, talents, skills and experience together. I used my knowledge, my business background, my intuition, and my passion all in the service of my mission.

The result? I have an international, soul-inspired business mentoring business from the comfort of my home, through which I contribute to thousands of people on a weekly. I broke $200,000 in my first full year in this business, and am on track to increase that by 50% or more this year.

And if you want to create your version of this, you can do it, too. I am here to help you manifest your mission, close the gap between your vision and your current situation, and create the impact you came here to make.

Welcome to Soul Signature Success,
where all of you is honored and appreciated, and
what you need to create a lucrative, impactful,
soul-inspired business is provided.