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Are You an Evolutionary Entrepreneur?

written by Maggie Sale Ostara, PhD

Are You an Evolutionary Entrepreneur?

Last week in my teleclass, I spoke about the role of the (R)Evolutionary Entrepreneur in the New World Age now emerging.  (You can still get access to that recording, and be registered for Part Two:  Your Sacred Contribution by going to  As a Light Worker, this is your time to move beyond doubt, fear, and uncertainly ~ to do the bold work you came here to do.

I care about this because for me business is about consciously and intentionally channeling my life-force energy in directions that contribute to creating a world I want to live in.  And I work with people who do the same.

Being an Evolutionary Entrepreneur means your business has a higher purpose that actively contributes to the evolution of yourself, your clients and customers, your communities, and ultimately the world.  You are in a tremendously powerful position to do this, because enormous opportunities are opening right here before you.

Whenever the old is dropping away, as it is now, space opens for the new.  The Universe abhors a vacuum, so something new is always created to fill the open space.  Will you be one of the ones who helps determine what fills that empty space?

Because fill it will.  Fill it will.

We are evolving out of the over-emphasis on the physical world created by Western Science, and opening again to the significance of nonphysical and multi-dimensional reality.  We are evolving beyond the privileging of the left-brained, logical and analytical mind, to embracing the value of both right- and left-brained skills and traits.  The significance of intuition, creativity, psychic abilities, universal laws, access to nonphysical beings, and ancient wisdom and knowledge is coming to the fore.  This is a potent time of awakening—it is your time.

I have spoken with so many of you who know this inside.  You know it.  You have taken steps.  Yet you are still uncertain at times.  You feel the barriers come up inside you in the form of illness, confusion, overwhelm, depression, accidents, lack of belief, or difficult relationships.  You want so much.  You feel so deeply.  You know this is your time.  Yet part of you resists.

Be soothed.  As long as you continue to step forward, you will continue to clear the obstacles.  The path will continue to unfold before you as you step along it.

Be inspired.  Your gifts, talents, skills and experience are needed and wanted like never before.  Your true value is increasing exponentially at this time.

For in this New World Age, the ability to channel and work with energy is and will be increasingly well understood and sought after.  The force of evolution is accelerating.  Knowing how to navigate the waves of this rising tide commands a higher price, a larger market share.

You just need to step into it.  You need to step into your evolutionary potential.  You need to unleash yourself from the residue of the past and step forth into your own radiance.

Here with the Return of Light, ride the wave of expansion.  You know how to do this.  Trust yourself.  Honor your inner knowing.  Let the Soul part of you who has lived through all the lifetimes guide you now.  For this part is deLIGHTed at being alive now, at being here to contribute to the Shift.

B r e a t h e.  Trust.  Access Source within you.

As you do, you evolve.  Your business evolves.  Our world evolves—because of you. You create a Soul-Inspired personality.  You create a Soul-Inspired Business.  And everything changes.


You ARE that important. 

Maggie Sale Ostara, PhD left her prestigious job as the Director of Women’s a Gender Studies at Columbia University when she realized she’s not built to work for anyone else. Since then, Dr. Ostara has become a Certified Human Design Specialist (Level 4), a Certified Clarity Breathwork Practitioner, a highly sought after teacher-mentor, who teaches high-achieving women how to develop their personal sovereignty, to activate their super powers, and to unleash themselves from society’s prescription of success.

She’s the creator of the Soul Signature Self Awareness Project, the Wheel of Power of the Visionary Entrepreneur, and over 20 educational programs focused building soul-inspired businesses that positively impact the world and taking command of your life through personal sovereignty. She’s hosted 5 multi-speaker online conferences, and spoken on over 15 such conferences reaching audiences of over 200,000 participants.

With two decades of experience supporting 20,000+ students and hundreds of clients through her online programs and conferences, Dr. Ostara teaches how to avoid overwhelm and burnout, how to make reliable decisions, how to create a bigger impact with less effort, and how to transform inner liabilities into powerful assets and allies.