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There comes a point at which you want to contribute in a bigger way.

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Leadership of the Heart

Did you know that the heart is the power center of not just your physical body, but your energy body?  Of course we all know...

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The Success Dilema

Your schedule is jammed.  You tell yourself, this is a good thing because you’ve been building your practice purposefully for...

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What’s Your Legacy?

We are living in legendary times.  Future generations will look back at this period to see what we did to move through the...

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You ARE that important

Last week we had a beautiful client retreat with both private clients, and clients in my Creating Money Circle program.  Nestled...

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Afraid of Using Video?

You have probably heard by now that YouTube is either #1 or #2 in search engines.  That’s incredible!  Just as many people or...

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I’m back….

I’m back from our road trip up through California, Oregon and Washington and back again!  I like road trips – but we really...

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