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The Success Dilema

written by Maggie Sale Ostara, PhD

CalenderYour schedule is jammed.  You tell yourself, this is a good thing because you’ve been building your practice purposefully for awhile now, and you’ve got clients booking out weeks in advance.   And you are grateful for the business and the steadiness of your income.  That part feels really good.

Only now your schedule is jammed.  You are starting to feel trapped.  Just looking at your calendar you take a deep breath and sigh.  “This is what I’ve been working for,” you tell yourself.  And while a part of you is delighted, another part is feeling increasingly uneasy.

“I just know there’s more for me,” you think to yourself.  “I mean, I’ve done my time honing my craft.  My clients experience incredible changes in their lives working with me.  Every day I witness miracles occurring.  Why am I getting restless?  Shouldn’t I be happy now?”

Sound familiar? 

Welcome to the Success Dilemma.  Rather than something being wrong, this is sign that so much is going right.  And yet you haven’t adjusted to where you really are now.  You are trying to stay in the same place, because you focused, and worked on getting here, and you thought this would be “the end.”  Once you’d accomplished this, you would have “made it.”

And you have made it – you’ve made it to a level of success that many people only dream about.  So take a moment and breathe that in.  You have accomplished so much!

But the restlessness?  That’s a sign that your next stage of development is brewing inside of you.  You’re not done – you’ve only just begun .  .  .

Because my guess is that you are coming to that place where your thought leadership is coming into being.  Your body of work is developing within you.  Your opinions – your own opinions, not the ones you received from your teachers and mentors – your opinions are forming more and more strongly.  You just may not have noticed it.  Or if you noticed it, you may not have known what to do with that burgeoning energy.

I get it.  I’ve experienced this myself – more than once – and I often meet clients in this place.  This is an awesome sign that you are evolving into a larger version of yourself.

You are a New World Leader. 

And I know that sounds BIG, but it doesn’t have to be.  Not in a way that stops you anyway.  Being a new world leader means that you are participating in creating the new practices, techniques, perspectives, opinions, paths and ways of being that are needed now.

Many of the old forms are dropping away.  We are coming collectively and individually to realize that many of the ways we’ve done things in the past will not carry us forward with success into the future.

Future generations are dependent on what you and I decide to do in this lifetime.  And my guess is that if you are feeling restless, you’ve got a bigger game to play.  So when you look at your jammed schedule, there’s a place inside that’s calling for you to make a shift.

You don’t have to know exactly what that shift is in this moment.

And you will do well to start paying closer attention to the urging inside of you.  If your schedule is jammed, it means that you’ve reached a level of success and experience that now attracts others to you in greater and greater numbers.

So now what?  Now is the time to pay attention to your burgeoning body of work, and to begin to develop it.  You have much implicit knowledge.  Inside of you lies wisdom that you tap into intuitively when you’re working with clients, but that you may not have given words or structure to yet.  Or you may have begun to do that, but you’ve only touched the tip of the proverbial iceberg!

You start where you are and take the next step.  Not a step down the same path.  But a new step down a new path into your Self as a New World Leader.  Begin to hold yourself with esteem and appreciation, with a recognition that you have so much wisdom to share.  Even if you’re not 100% sure what that wisdom is yet, or how to articulate it, or how to share it so that other people will understand it.  Develop the awareness inside yourself that it’s there – and write or speak or dance or teach or paint to bring it out.

Let your jammed schedule be the launching pad for what’s next —

Maggie Sale Ostara, PhD left her prestigious job as the Director of Women’s a Gender Studies at Columbia University when she realized she’s not built to work for anyone else. Since then, Dr. Ostara has become a Certified Human Design Specialist (Level 4), a Certified Clarity Breathwork Practitioner, a highly sought after teacher-mentor, who teaches high-achieving women how to develop their personal sovereignty, to activate their super powers, and to unleash themselves from society’s prescription of success.

She’s the creator of the Soul Signature Self Awareness Project, the Wheel of Power of the Visionary Entrepreneur, and over 20 educational programs focused building soul-inspired businesses that positively impact the world and taking command of your life through personal sovereignty. She’s hosted 5 multi-speaker online conferences, and spoken on over 15 such conferences reaching audiences of over 200,000 participants.

With two decades of experience supporting 20,000+ students and hundreds of clients through her online programs and conferences, Dr. Ostara teaches how to avoid overwhelm and burnout, how to make reliable decisions, how to create a bigger impact with less effort, and how to transform inner liabilities into powerful assets and allies.