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“Entrepreneurism is the new Women’s Movement.”

~ Forbes Magazine

Welcome to Home Base for

Your Soul-Inspired Business!

Are you really skilled at what you do and want to go to the next level?

Maybe you have multiple certifications and years of experience working with clients?

But you’re allergic to the mainstream sales and marketing you see yelling at you on the internet and maybe even from your inbox?

You know you need to understand more about how business works, like how to get your business online, and how to leverage what you know so you can work less and accomplish more – plus increase your income.


But you are not willing – NOT willing –

to sell your soul to do it.

I hear you, sister.

I think Forbes is right, at least in some ways, that becoming an entrepreneur can be very empowering and liberating for women. Entrepreneurship requires a few steps beyond having a practice where you see clients 1:1. Having a practice can be great! And everyone, according to Cheryl Richardson and I agree, needs to hone their craft working 1:1 with clients.

Then there comes a point at which you want to contribute in a bigger way. Work more one to many, teach courses, give workshops, write blogs or shoot videos or have a podcast where you get to share your insights and valuable expertise.

Plus you’d really like to move beyond that income ceiling you’ve hit.

Maggie Sale Ostara, PhD

But you refuse – seriously REFUSE – to burn out doing it.

If this sounds familiar, please consider this site a home base for you, full of valuable content, to explore and discover how to create your soul-inspired business in ways that are right for you.

Discover over 250 articles on how to create a soul-inspired business. 

The articles on this site speak to many, many aspects of business, including messaging, building visibility and credibility, creating a brand that’s authentic and unique to you, fueling your confidence and releasing doubt, plus plenty of mindset hacks designed to clear out old programming and uplift your perspective about what’s possible. Enjoy!

Do you ever feel like a fraud?

Do you ever feel like a fraud?

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Is it Spiritually-Correct to Make Money?

Is it Spiritually-Correct to Make Money?

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Your Soul Signature – Key to Your Value

Your Soul Signature – Key to Your Value

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